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About SiRCo


SiRCo let's you fully control your linux desktop from a infra red remote control.

It's intended for users requiring a lightweight media center like app for their everyday use desktop computer. Create your own menu our use a default gnome menu.

SiRCo 0.2 release


SiRCo will be released next Monday, 22.08.2005.

The operation of a desktop enviroment with a remote control, involves two main issues: the distance from the screen to the user and the user input interface limitations of a remote control.

Presently there are two main projects in the Media Center market segment: freevo and mythtv but they don't provide the simple functionality for the every day user.

SiRCo 0.2 Screenshots


screen screen screen

SiRCo purposal


SiRCo provides a simple centered window, with a listbox which will let you select a menu entry to launch.

These menu entries are built from a set of .desktop files which, of course, can call SiRCo recursively, thus making a simple way to provide submenus.

SiRCo will provide a highly configurable way to set the remote keys to prevent some problems with lirc where the number eight, for instance behaves like a UP key, like in the numeric keypad.

SiRCo and Windows


SiRCo could, if there are some development interests on that direction, evolve in the Microsoft Windows direction, since the QT library is fully portable to the Windows plataform and there is a "lirc for windows" project. The only effort to take is to forget the .desktop file interface.



You are encouraged to help us making this project bigger!

Presently, we are looking for proactive C++ developers, testers, and translators.

We will also appreciate any ideas, suggestions, etc.

Feel free to contact us: sirco-general (at)

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